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Touching or creepy? Photoshopped image of Princess Diana and Charlotte goes viral

Either way, there’s no denying that the image of the late Princess Diana greeting baby Princess Charlotte during her christening, which has gone viral since it was uploaded onto Facebook, shows some pretty impressive Photoshop skills.
It seems to show Diana leaning over to gaze lovingly at her new granddaughter, who is reaching up to her mother’s face.
We’re not sure who originally created the modern masterpiece, but it was shared by Facebook user Mary Kohnke, from Wisconsin, along with the caption: “What a great job at photoshopping … Let’s make this go viral!”
Since she posted it earlier this month, it has been liked, shared and commented on thousands of times.

What do you think? Does he say the truth?

Is this Diana picture creepy or touching?
It´s definitely creepy.
It´s very touching.
Total votes: 11

Car crash that killed Diana

Was it a normal accident?
No, I never believed in a normal accident!
No, after Diana suspected her accident, I do not believe in a normal accident anymore!
I don`t know
Total votes: 1100


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Poll about Princess Diana

Poll about Princess DianaPoll on Princess Diana -

Princess Diana still often stands in the headlines. Naturally there are again and again rumors around princess Diana. Truth or lie? What do you think of it? Now, for example, most Americans think the car crash that killed Princess Diana in August 1997 was probably an accident, but a quarter say it was probably planned... Tell us your opinion.

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Is this Diana picture creepy or touching?
It´s definitely creepy.
It´s very touching.
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23/10/2003 Was it a normal accident?
20/10/2003 Is the letter of Diana to Burell genuine?
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